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Michoacán roots
Native Nixtamal
Locally acclaimed Birria, Carnitas, & Pozole
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Inspired by traditional Mexican street food, using indigenous herbs and spices used throughout the very heart of Mexico. Chef Alejandro Victoria brings authentic recipes from his homeland in Michoacan to your plate.

Alejandro’s roots run deep through the state of Michoacán, MX, often called the soul of Mexico. All meals were fresh from the land in el “Rancho Acumbaro”, native corn Nixtamal on the comal, hand ground salsas in the molcajete, carnitas made with Hierbas de Olo. It was also in nearby cities like Morelia and Zamora, where he experienced what “eating fresh from the street” was all about.

After graduating college with a Culinary/Business degree, and working for many years in the biz, Alejandro decided it was time to cultivate these family recipes, and the extensive street food culture Mexico is so known for.

In 2013 Nico’s Taco Bar was born…named after one of his sons (the one who eats nothing but tacos). With the help of his wife Jenna, his brother Isidro, and his nephews Andres and Sid, a group of indigenous chefs was put together to bring the concept alive. (Some of which are relatives, or simply from the ranch in Michoacán).

So next time you are in the neighborhood, stop in to say hello…imagine you are in Michoacán, and order some street tacos.

Ven, siéntate y come
-Alejandro, Jenna, Andres, Isidro